about us

about Spectramedia Feature Group

The Company
Spectramedia Feature Group (SFG) is a small company. We are focused solely on information distribution. Toward that end, we produce a series of informative and entertaining short-form radio features that air on public radio. After these programs have aired, audio files of the programs are also available on our website for listeners to download.

The Audience
Our features appeal to three distinct, yet inter-related audiences: the listener, the program director, and the underwriter. The radio listener gains valuable information in an easy to understand manner. Our programs help the public radio program director build listener loyalty while delivering "targeted" ears to our underwriters resulting in increased brand recognition. SFG maintains a website for each program that we produce. In addition, SFG maintains a website specifically for client stations they may obtain additional programming notes and download copies of current programs.

The Product
Currently we are producing two short-form features: Your Body -Explained and Medical Notebook. Your Body Explained explains how our bodies work and why, sometimes, they don't. Medical Notebook provides advice and information about medicine and healthcare that is easily understood by the non-medical person, because good health begins with good information.

The Website
SFG maintains this website as an additional resource. Listeners are encouraged to visit the website to obtain additional information pertaining to topics discussed on our programs. Each program's website includes a Resource page that contains links for additional information. In addition, each program's website contains an Archives page where listeners may download a copy of any of our previously-aired programs.

Vision Statement
Spectramedia Feature Group's Vision Statement can be summed up in six words: good information leads to wise decisions. This is our tag line and our vision.

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