Your Body Explained
Debuts 2008

The human body is a wonderful, miraculous, and sometimes mysterious machine. Your Body Explained looks at how our bodies work and why, sometimes, they don't. This daily feature explains both the functions of various parts of the body, but also the causes of disease and trauma as well as treatments to restore lost functions.

The program is written by Wendy Leonard, a nationally recognizd medical writer. Wendy is regularly subcontracted to write nationally distributed medical/educational brochures targeting the lay audience. You can find Wendy's brochures in hospitals, doctor's offices, and private practices. Your Body Explained is hosted by Rick Sommers. Rick is well-known to the New York City radio audience for his work on WLTW/106.7 "lite FM". In addition to his radio hosting duties, Rick's voice is heard on any nationally-seen (and heard) TV commercials.

Medical Notebook
Debuts 2008

Medical Notebook provides useful information about medicine, healthcare, and fitness that is easily understood by the non-medical person. Each week Medical Notebook explores a medical or healthcare topic utilizing intereviews with leading experts. Each topic is broken-down into five separate parts that air throughout the week. Additional information pertaining to the week's topic is added to the Medical Notebook website and listeners are encouraged to visit that site to learn more about the week's subject.

Medical Notebook is written and hosted by Meredith Daniels. Meredith is a broadcast journalist who writes articles for the feature and business sections of New York's Newsday newspaper. Meredith can also be heard delivering the news on Long Island's WALK/97.5FM.

Animal Matters
Under Development

Animal Matters provids useful advice about animal behavior and pet care that is easily understood by the animal enthusiast. The goal of Animal Matters is to provide insight into animal behavior to enhance the human/animal relatioship. This program is currently under development.

Legal Minute
Under Development

Legal Minute is a weekly 50-second feature that tackles legal topics important to consumers. Each feature explains or describes a legal issue, concept, or problem in easy-to-understand terms. This program is currently under development.

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