Welcome to the Your Body Explained website

Your Body Explained is a daily radio feature that provides useful information about how your body works and about the things that can go wrong with it. In addition, Your Body Explained helps you not only understand what can go wrong, but why and what to do about it.

This website is designed as a supplement to the radio program. On this site you'll find additional information, audio files of programs that have aired and links to other sites of interest.

Visit the contact us page to send us your thoughts, comments, suggestions, or questions. Visit the archives page to hear a program that you missed or would like to listen to again. Visit the station list page to learn what stations are carrying the program. And visit the staff and about us pages to learn more about the people responsible for Your Body Explained.

Where can I hear Your Body Explained?

The list of stations carrying Your Body Explained is growing rapidly. Visit the station list page to find a station near you.

When can I hear Your Body Explained?

The program is under development and is scheduled to launch in 2007. Visit the station list page to find a station near you and to see when the program airs.

Program Directors/Underwriters

Your Body Explained If you are a Program Director and would like to add this program to your daily schedule, or if you are a corporation and would like to underwriter this feature, please contact us for more information.


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